June 23rd, 2004


opiates for the masses

From The American Conservative, no less:

In Praise of Laudanum

strange strange bedfellows these days. there are a number of points to ignore in this article--the denigration of "potheads" as delusional for instance--but interesting take on some strains of opiate addiction.

Ashcroft should have to read this.
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a certain age

Lady Bunny was scatalogically delightful last night and although the show lasted an hour it seemed only to last about 30 minutes. Heklina, our hostess, was dishing on Lady Bunny's, um, advanced perspective. I think the line was, well I guess it's true that gays love antiques! and I felt a little antique myself. there's no going back from here is there. I still remember John sitting in Krispy Kreme wearing conspicuously nippled falsies as shoulder pads and he was thin and young and I guess we all were.

news of lollapalooza's demise has me also feeling weathered as the comment which most struck me from the New York Time's account was something along the lines of Sonic Youth and Morrissey? who cares??

which is probably true insofar as those who might care have outgrown the desire to spend megabucks to peer at a million bands from far far away.

that said I'm still going to go to the Gorge for Curiosa if I can get a ticket and they don't have to cancel the whole thing due to similar lack of interest. I mean it's the Gorge. it's almost worth the money just to go and watch the sunset.
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