June 26th, 2004


queered out

phoo. I'm glad celebrate-your-perversity week is almost over. last night after walking in the very first tranny march and listening to many many speakers and making our way back to the mission and going to the last show on our schedule, friend U managed to get herself thrown out of the club and I being a good friend accompanied her on her way out. it was vaguely embarrassing but since it wasn't anything I did it was not directly so.

we are going to the parade tomorrow and there will be a reading around 1pm featuring this that and the other including my friend Red and then shortly after that I believe I will flee and lock myself in my room for a few days. this all has me about worn out.

here though are some pics from yesterday's march. it was about the size of that one frighteningly small pride march lisagail and I went to in Atlanta that year. but for this occasion it was a joyous number and drivers honked approvingly as we walked by.

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