June 28th, 2004

nancy fight

abstinence-only driver's ed: memo for a letter to the editor

every year automobile accidents account for a staggering number of fatalities in this country and all around the world. thus I propose that, given the ineffectiveness of seatbelts in completely eliminating the risk of death from driving, all federally funded driver's ed programs emphasize the unreliability of seatbelts and promote abstinence from driving as the only 100% effective means of preventing fatal accidents. in addition, I think that any explicit instructions on the use of seatbelts should be removed from textbooks and driver's manuals since these could be construed as encouraging dangerous, unnatural behavior.
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auto plug

San Francisco-ish friends might wish to note that it is the end of the month again so Retool and Grind, that open mic where I keep reading in the vain hope that some agent or sugar daddy will offer to support me for the rest of my life in exchange not for sex at all but rather for cleverly arranged phrases and the occasional well-chosen adjective, will be held again this Wednesday night at 7pm at Eros at 2051 Market St in San Francisco. yeah I'll be reading again for a minute or two.

the same caveats apply as always which is to say it's a sex club so half naked men and pornographic images yadda yadda yadda. it remains, however, free of charge to look at the men and images whilst listening to various ones of us reading or singing or dancing or whatever we choose to do. can't beat the price!
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