July 1st, 2004


life in the meantime

the reading last night went well. afterwards many people came up and said that was really cool and I said thanks over and over and even after being a rock star I still don't know quite how to handle compliments. I mean what I really want to say is great can you get me an agent or an advance or something. but I know these things take time so I will wait a little before I start asking that.

I'll post what I read behind a cut. it is the same only a little different from something I'd posted before so don't get all excited that here is something new. it's not new. if I keep this up I'm going to have to start writing more in order not to run out of things to read. although I suppose if I were to branch out into other venues I could repeat myself here and there without repercussions or people thinking I've only written five paragraphs in my entire life.

in other news it seems Gibson is having some trouble keeping the Les Paul Studio Baritone in stock so I have yet to track one down to play it. which is probably a good thing because then I'd have to freeze all my credit cards to keep myself from buying it if I liked it. I did however get a different and much less expensive toy via ups yesterday so I think today it is playtime and then tomorrow back to work and I will be working through the weekend which is fine as I spent so much time out and about this past week that I will be happy to see no one but housemate S for the next several days.

I got volunteered for a social outing on saturday but if anyone tries to hold me to it I'm going to plead extreme antisociability. I mean enough is enough!

here then is chapter three which you've seen before:

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