July 3rd, 2004


attention deficit: slow cycle

every now and again I get a bee in my bonnet. last year at this time I was going to learn XHTML and renovate my entire website and I did manage to learn a fair amount and how to use BBEdit efficiently as an XHTML editor and I did renovate my website to a few levels in some places but then summer went away and the website languished and I forgot pretty much all the cool things BBEdit could do as well as the intricacies of XHTML and especially cascading style sheets which I only began to understand after I had written a bunch that didn't work the way I wanted them to.

well this year I'm going to learn to play guitar. you might counter that I already know how to play guitar and that is true to a degree but I thought I might learn some scales and some names of notes and whatnot and all the diminished 7th added 4th chords etc instead of relying on my recognition of physical patterns and where my fingers should be in relation to the dots.

I mean I've known for a very long time where G is and where A is and E at least insofar as chords go and I can place almost every note on the sixth string fairly quickly which means I can do the same for the first string but there is much in between that remains a mystery. Db for instance. if I were called upon suddenly to play a Db I'd have to think about it for a minute and I would like not to have to do that. and if you asked me to play a Dbmaj7 I would be completely lost.

as is I play chords and made up scales that I'm sure have names in some universe but I only know them as, say, the box at the seventh fret which must be B followed by the reverse box which starts instead at C# if I'm counting right and that scale that sounds like The Good Bad and the Ugly.

today then I did finger exercises and then reviewed and practiced the major and minor pentatonic scales, drilling myself randomly on which root note to start with.

it took three hours. I'm not sure I have this kind of time. I've considered though the possibility that if I spent half the time practicing the toys I have as I do shopping for more toys online I might find that I could get a fair amount done on a daily basis.

that said I'm wondering if I should buy straplocks from musician's friend or just walk down to guitar center tomorrow. the drawback of walking to guitar center is that once there I'd have to deal with "customer service." nowhere in the world is customer service more like a fraternity hazing ritual than at musical instrument stores. and I'm fairly sure that I don't feel this way just because I used to be a woman.

anyway about the attention thing. last week I was going to read madly in my spare time so as to know a little about everything. obviously I can't read and practice guitar at the same time. what's worse is that I cannot read, practice guitar, and listen attentively to new bands at the same time. how the hell did I get all this done as a teenager? is this why people settle on one thing when they get old? I seem incapable.
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