July 8th, 2004

mutts shadow

well slap me on the ass and call me betty

fellowship money actually made it from school to my bank account in the last 24 hours. this is the first time I've been able to sit still and watch the system actually work.

I'm not rich but I could buy some movies or cds or something but this cold has left my head and settled in my throat and chest somewhat menacingly so I'm not going anywhere. still no fever but I feel myself on that knife edge between recovery and bronchitis. what I'm trying to figure out is how long to put up with a sore throat before seeing a doctor. it's been five days. is it still the virus or have bacteria moved in? that really is the question. if it were bacteria would I have a fever by now?

how is it that moms know this stuff but grownup children don't?

anyway I suppose now that school has paid me I should do some work. am still feeling viral stupidity though so probably today I will finish Little Britches and see if I can work up a thought or two concerning what I loved about it when I was ten. Ralph's mother is always crying and carrying on about how the ranch is contributing to his degeneracy. so far the worst thing he's done is to tell one lie. I'm fairly certain I just thought she was silly when I read this the first thirty times but now I find her somewhat frightening. what's worse, to make god cry, or your mother? or are they the same? and what sort of big honking superego will you be saddled with the rest of your life?
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pm rounds

I've been taking ibuprofen all day to keep the throat calm which has worked fairly well. will see how overnight goes. mostly I feel better but can't stop coughing. no gloppy stuff coming up out of my lungs though.

this has been a weird cold. they almost always turn into head colds on me instead of chest colds. and the sore throat hardly ever lasts for more than a day.

in any case I think I'm going to be ok. yesterday my therapist told me "you're sick. stay still." so I did. I guess she was right.

I keep taking my bottle of cough syrup up to bed with me but I only wake up enough to cough and not to sit up and swallow any. I'm not convinced dextromethorphan works anyway. or maybe it works long enough for me to fall asleep but not much longer than that. I was coughing all night last night.

complain complain. actually it's been a nice break to bear an affliction that was not my own fault.
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