July 10th, 2004

nancy fight

oh come ON.

I have a splitting headache. in addition to everything else which I also still have.

I really wanted to swallow the whole bottle of ibuprofen but held myself to just two. if it doesn't do the trick, one more plus a cold rag to the head.

good grief.
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advil helped the headache so I guess I don't have to shoot myself. it also helped the throat and may be keeping my body temperature in check so although I feel like I could go do something I'm thinking staying in might be a better idea. it's not as though there isn't enough here to keep me busy although I don't know if I am less stupid today than yesterday so guitar/bass practice might be out of the question.

my floor needs sweeping. why didn't someone tell me that black shows dirt at least as badly as does white.
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