July 21st, 2004



is it just me or has my cam gone all soft focus? this is the best I can get out of it. I thought maybe a certain little cat had put his nose on the lens so I cleaned it with a drop of lens cleaner but that didn't help.
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hear hear

my ear is a little better today. of course I haven't told you all what has been wrong with it. during The Most Annoying Cold Ever I blew my nose a little too hard and my right ear went pop! and then hissssssss! and ever since I've had a marked hearing loss which varies from day to day and increased tinnitus which pretty much stays at a dull roar day and night.

well yesterday I could hardly hear out if it at all and I thought great. I'm never going to hear in stereo again. but today it is picking up a lot more of the high end from out there and less of the rumbly low end from in here so maybe there is hope.

when the nurse practitioner at the student health center looked in my ears she said they looked fine. so I am assuming that either I did not rupture anything or she really was incompetent. I have to go to my regular doc soon and get my blood pressure checked so if things are still ringy and muffled I will ask her to also look in there.

I guess you really do have to be careful when blowing your nose. this is the first time this has ever happened to me.
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