August 11th, 2004


poverty stress

so I get email from UCB Financial Aid saying my financial aid package has changed but it doesn't say how but rather that I can go to the website you go to for this sort of information to see how it's changed so I go there but it doesn't look changed to me so I check to see what amount has been sent to the big money clearinghouse department in the UC sky and it looks the same and I check to see that my fees have been paid and they have and I check to see what is leftover and it is the same as before and then I check my bank account to see if the leftovers have hit my account yet and they have not so now I'm worried about just what has changed and how.

will they take money away? will they give me more? why do they wait until after disbursement time to change things or to tell me they've changed things when really they haven't?

I suppose I could call the fin aid office and try talking to a real person. this is rarely satisfying but there is a chance I could get something like concrete information from them.

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thanks for all your comments on the logo/banner thing. now the question is whether I spend today working on the model website or doing laundry or doing some other form of chore or work. before I leave town on monday morning I must:

do laundry
clean kitchen
go to school and troll for jobs
create lists of what to take so I don't forget anything

I guess this isn't such a long list. the thing is that laundry and school are not really do-able on the weekends or that is I hate doing laundry on the weekend when everyone else and his mother are also at the laundromat. I think I have to go to school tomorrow because one particular person I keep emailing about a job but who never emails me back even though I know he harbors goodwill is only there Tu We Th and never Fr. that leaves today or fri for laundry.

never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.

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