August 15th, 2004

mutts earl

hit the road jack

I'm very excited. in a couple of hours I go pick up the car and then pack and then sleep and then get up and have coffee and set out northward up I-5 through northern california and southern oregon and on up to portland where I will have a hotel room with animal planet and internet access so what else could I possibly need and then tues morning I can go to powells and look longingly at the books since I have no money and then nortward again up that fairly boring stretch of freeway between the columbia river and olympia at which time it becomes not particularly scenic but rather congested so boring does not quite fit as a descriptive term and into seattle.

it occurs to me each time I do this that I am putting my life on the line by taking to the highway but I will be careful and ready to jump out of the way if anyone else does anything stupid. life is risky.

tomorrow I have to stop in berkeley to drop off the last library book which I could not for the life of me find on friday but which of course turned right up this morning. am trying to figure out how to get closest to the library in a car since it is not easy just to drive right into campus. I want to be north of the carquinez bridge before the rushiest part of rush hour.

I hope I don't forget anything. what if I forget something?
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