August 20th, 2004


faux pas

I was somewhat concerned that coming to a capitol hill cafe wearing a light-colored tshirt would make me stick out like a middle-aged thumb, but fucking everyone is wearing white or gray tshirts. what the fuck? what's happened to capitol hill? or what's happened to fashion?

I mean in my neighborhood in SF people wear all sorts of colors but mostly that light blue that the nineteenth and twentieth street gangsters go for but the hipsters at least wear muted clothing. I guess though only aging rockers wear all black these days and even then we sometimes branch out into more practical summer colors and fabrics. right now I have on a wicking gray tshirt from rei and I don't feel like I am in drag. I must be getting old.

the weather is turning though and I think tonight I might be able to wear the long-sleeved Nice Shirt I brought in case it cooled a bit. it seems only to be in the high 70F's rather than mid 80s and it's clouding up and I guess tomorrow it is supposed to rain which it must do at least once while I am here or I won't feel like I actually made it to Seattle.

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