August 29th, 2004



I just scared a neighbor by sneaking up the back stairs with a flashlight. I guess midnight is not the time to go skulking about but I thought since it was relatively quiet out there that maybe a frightened cat would start moving around. no sign of him though. I have now officially looked everywhere in the courtyard and the back of our neighbors' buildings but I will probably repeat the exercise the next few nights for good measure. there is one doorway in particular which houses the gas meters where the floor has broken away and looks like there could be about a four-inch crawlspace under the building. I keep poking my head in there and calling for the squirt but so far no answer.

I'm not feeling good about this but will keep trying.
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to amuse myself while listening for meows I will write everything I thought about writing the last couple of weeks while I was mostly offline.

I feel I should apologize for this because most everyone I know finds it disgusting but I seem to be growing hair on my back. not enough really to see unlike my chest which if you squint hard at it you can make out at least 50 faint hairs but nonetheless it is more than the light fuzz that all of us have had at one point or another. I am not overly excited about it but body hair being something of a prerequisite to achieving ftm nirvana I am not exactly unhappy with it. for this and for taking the chemical that makes the stuff grow I suspect that I need to beg pardon somewhere.

I don't understand how I learned to drive in the deep south with my arm almost always hanging out the window without getting multiple sunburns and then drove for one sunny day in oregon with my arm out the window rather sporadically only to get a bright red burn as a consequence. I don't understand why we all need to wear sunscreen now when we used to put on sun-intensifying oils everyday in the summer when I was growing up. are the holes in the ozone getting that big or is it that the sun just shines brighter here on the west coast? I don't understand.

at least here I have pure aloe gel. the only aloe gel I could find in west bumfuck oregon had alcohol added to it. why on earth would they add alcohol to a burn lotion?? probably because focus groups found the aloe icky if it did not dry instantly. stupid focus groups.

according to the latest poll reported in my yahoo headlines from reuters, something like 60% of voters think the US is headed in the wrong direction and yet GWB is slightly leading this week. wtf? if you think the country is not doing right and hasn't been doing right for say, four years, why would you then vote for the people currently leading the country. I don't get it.

there is probably some more astute political figuring to be done here but it is late and I am tired and upset and feel like over-simplifying things.

when my male sims man met his male sims neighbors, I was immediately given the option of having him tickle them. I refrained, thinking it would be a bit forward, but am now wondering if the sims know what I am up to populating my neighborhood with single men. I will also place some single women and a few same-sex "roomate" households there but it takes so long to design and build houses for them that things are going a bit slowly.

I still can't bear to play zoo tycoon.

I hope someone has found Santiago and is now lavishing him with food and gifts.
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