September 2nd, 2004

mutts shadow

happy ending

Santiago's back!

the circumstances of his return are all very mysterious as S got the call on her cell since the first posters she put up had her number on them so she called me from NY but with failing batteries did not have time to go over the whole story and she had already arranged with her friend M to pick Santiago up from the people who found him and bring him to me so I have not met the rescuers either.

he's already crawling around on things he's not supposed to crawl around on. I guess I have to put some stuff away now. I had gotten lax out of sorrowful sloth and out of knowing that Jackst665tyyyyy5 (Santiago says hi! yay!) Jackson is mostly too old and mellow to mess with things left out.


back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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for better visualization, here is a photo of the refugee from a couple of months ago:

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he's bigger now and you might catch a glimpse of him in the webcam while he sleeps it off in my lap.
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