September 7th, 2004

mutts earl


today I get to help set up for a presentation which takes place at 5pm. I don't know how long these things go on because I never attend them but I suspect I will be out past my bedtime. had to leave the house at 9am and I'm all stressed about whether my cats will be there when I get back. I mean I don't really expect anything to happen to them but when one gets away you start to feel like your house is full of holes.

in between now and 5 here are some things to do.

print chapter draft for Lyn.
put chapter draft in Lyn's box.
email Lyn to tell her chapter draft is in her box.
go through "install Movable Type" instructions that I found last night and see what needs to be done.
do it.
go downstairs and see about the converting sound files job.
email A.
email K.

what I really want to do is nap.
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