September 12th, 2004



I just had the worst mocha ever. you Seattle folk may be jaded about your coffee establishments but this kind of shit would never fly there. lukewarm milk. two heaping tablespoons of chocolate powder--not syrup. no apparent stirring so the powder floated unappetizingly in globs on top of the milk until I stirred it in myself. was there any espresso in it? I couldn't taste it.

blech. it was like drinking a tepid glass of nestle's. you know, the stuff you drank when you were five. mochas are for adults, people!

it did have sugar and caffeine though so once I was done gagging I did start to bounce a little. I went out for espresso because this olderish fellow I met in a depression support group here years ago calls me regularly for some reason and asks if we can get together, then he takes the bus to my house, we go to the cafe and eat a sandwich, and then he has to go. we meet for about twenty minutes once a year this way. it doesn't do a lot for me but it isn't too painful either so if it helps him fulfill his sociability quotient then why not.

he never remembers anything about me. I think he thinks I am a young straight bioman who still talks with his immediate family. it doesn't seem to matter that every now and again I point out a fact that contradicts this picture; after a few moments it snaps right back.

ah well. what does it matter.

there are one hundred things I could do this afternoon. must choose one or two.
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