September 16th, 2004



my heavens I haven't posted since sunday.
mostly I've been doing stuff.
I have to find energy to do more stuff and do it faster.
that's pretty much it.

right this minute I must decide what to do and when until I have this one thing I am obligated to do at 5pm. after that I am free until monday but there is stuff I should do in between now and then it's just not tightly scheduled stuff which is to say it is not scheduled at all but I still have to do it.

what I really want to do is sit and stare into space but that is not an option.
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mutts earl

oddly prompt

in a bizarre twist my fee remission for which the paperwork was just done two weeks ago showed up in my bank account this morning. how very strange.

october and november rent are now in the bag. december is still something of a question.

I feel like I should go on a shopping spree to celebrate. I do need a medium-weight shirt that would go with black jeans. need. need.

I know everything goes with black but all my long sleeve buttondowns are blue and blue is the one color that doesn't look quite right with black.

::eyes macy's card::
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getting out

my new job has me going to talks in the evenings at school which is something I got out of the habit of doing back when I could not concentrate long enough to make heads or tails of what anyone was saying which left me feeling quite stupid. tonight Leo Bersani was talking and I was able to put together one sentence with the next so that what he said made some semblance of sense which made me feel like maybe I am not so stupid after all.

I did not do anything rash like ask a question or go up to him afterwards. one victory at a time please. for now it is good that listening to him talk awakened motivation to write. I didn't actually write, but I savored the feeling of wanting to write.

it occurs to me that I should start going to these things more often now that I am out of stupidland for the most part. maybe I'd start writing.
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