September 29th, 2004


early bed. early rise. where's the wealth.

the morning is still in the 7s and I am up. a million papers to grade before noon. I have to step up the pace but I get so involved with their arguments that I comment on every little thing and then write them tomes at the end pointing out what I think they might be able to fix next time. I have no idea if anyone actually reads what I say or cares about anything other than the grade itself.

I have a mosquito bite on my hand. I slept so soundly no mosquito woke me up. it's a wonder I don't have west nile virus yet. or maybe it's not. maybe, just maybe, the threat is overhyped? I mean surely more people die of bagel-slicing accidents than of west nile every year.

Santiago wants me to chase him. unfortunately there are other things I must do.

into the void!
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yeah I'm tired. I know that getting up at 7:30, working five hours and then being unable to function further is less than what society expects of me but it's what I have to give. I had entertained fantasies of catching up on the reading or fiddling with Movable Type or doing a couple of brainless errands this afternoon but I think I might just go home and go to bed.

at least the papers are done. that always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
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I am liking Antics better tonight than I did last night. I was hoping for a song that immediately demanded that I learn the lyrics and melody so I could sing it in the shower but really that rarely happens. although I did listen to NYC repeatedly upon first hearing it and none of this album makes me want to do that but what can you expect. that almost never happens.

I like "Slow Hands" and as always I like Banks' vocals on everything quite a bit and tonight I'm actually hearing a little melody in the verses where last night that seemed only to occur in the refrains such as they are.

I don't know why I insist on melody. I am old-fashioned when it comes to pop music. you can replace melody with striking vocal style and I will like it but give me striking vocal style plus melody and I am putty in your hands.

I did not go to Virgin to buy the cd. I supported my local record store which performs the invaluable service of offering streamed online samples of a large proportion of the music they sell. for those of you out there running your own record stores, take note that this service alone (well and the fact that they are two blocks from my house) has spurred me to spend an embarrassing amount of money there. but I will admit that when they don't have what I want I do go to amazon. one can't be utterly pure.
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