October 2nd, 2004



I felt I needed blue suede shoes. so I ordered some:

blue shoes

and while I was there I saw some boots I had to have because boots almost always make me have to have them as I am simply mad about boots:

brown boots

I think with the shoes I'm treading an infinitesimal line between emo and hip-hop which is good because I'm just a forty-year-old man who listens to joy division. I can't, of course, wear rockports like every other forty-year-old man in the country because then it will look as though I've settled down and given up wild schemes of fame and fortune and although I do feel somewhat resigned to the fact that I will probably have neither it hasn't dulled my enthusiasm to still do weird things on the off chance someone notices.

yes I buy lots of shoes. but I suspect that in a few years I will be so desperately poor that I won't be able to afford shoes so hopefully the ones I buy now will last awhile.
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    Snow Patrol - When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up
mutts earl


am listening to bauhaus and drinking beer on a saturday night.

a little cocaine and paint to throw on the walls (the cocaine goes in the nose not on the walls) and it would be just like old times.
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    Bauhaus - King Volcano