November 21st, 2004


old news

yesterday I was going to get up at 7 and go meditate but when the alarm went off I began hacking up lungs and sneezing out brains and decided to forget leaving bed for awhile. I slept it off and got up at 9 feeling for the most part somewhat better.

it's not being too bad a cold but it really didn't want to get up yesterday. I did manage to get a fair amount done just lying around the house though: papers graded, emails sent, books read, php learned etc. today will be more of the same.

when I awoke this morning I was dreaming that I was about to meet Richard Butler for a second time. I had tickets to a Psychedelic Furs show in some theater on the Ave (yes the one in Seattle's U District) and managed to ingratiate myself to a couple of "insiders" who hinted that they could get me backstage. why I woke up before any of this could happen I do not know. stupid unconscious.
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beginning again

I've had an epiphany of sorts about the dissertation which although it is not the same as actually writing the dissertation is at least the discovery of a possible way of writing that I might be able to employ to get me through.

some reorganization of what little I already have will have to be done but after talking with a number of people about the possibility that I only propose a larger project while keeping the dissertation itself to the announcement of that project I have come to the point where I think I can lop off a couple of chapters and straighten out the trajectory such that getting it done has begun to enter the realm of the conceivable.

here is what I wrote today most of which is throat clearing but provides something like a structure for tearing apart the introductory draft I've written and plugging the second half of it into the beginning of the next chapter.

basically I'm going to make this next chapter the story of how I have come to be thinking about the things I am thinking about. see this way I can lend some unity to my writing life given that I am also writing an autobiography.

but so I start with pragmatism and end up in some kind of mysticism:

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now all I need is a job for the winter. anyone got about a thousand bucks I can borrow till January?
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