November 24th, 2004


ghost town

I am at school because Michael did not cancel class today like so many others. no one is here. Felipe didn't bother to fly up from LA to teach this week. half the office staff took the week off. I'd say 60% of the student body has already flown home. it's kind of like summer and kind of like what am I doing here??

I have three invites for thanksgiving. I can't decide what to do. there is a studentish thing going on just a couple of blocks from my house--all people I like. there is an abbreviated lingerie thanksgiving in a substitute apartment but the people I know best aren't going to be there. and now u has invited me mysteriously somewhere with someone I've never heard of.

I kind of want to stay home but I know if I do that I will be feeling sorry for myself along about 5 - 6pm. I'm thinking maybe the studentish thing would be best as it would be small and filled with anxious debt-ridden long-term grad students who haven't spoken to their families in years. just like me.

on the other hand I don't know where I'm more likely to get to drink beer and watch a football game than at home.
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mutts earl


so it turns out that u was using some weird code alias to refer to some people I actually know so tomorrow I'm going with hir (I swear to god she's gonna have to change pronouns sooner or later) to a real TG dinner with Red and Delilah and Laura. and others? not sure. either way it will be good.

this all doesn't start until late afternoon so tomorrow is mine to do with what I wish. I will either take the day off or sit and learn php all day. today I learned how to do things with arrays. I'm thinking that after I get my phd I should learn a few more scripting and/or programming languages and go get a job where I don't have to talk to anyone but my computer all day. really it's probably what I should have been doing all along but then I would never have been a rock star.
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