December 3rd, 2004



I have to teach today. Michael is out of town and I agreed to take the podium. well really I have to "lead discussion" but that means I have to think of pertinent questions for fifty minutes. it will be fine, I'll be fine, all will be well, but first I have to get from here to there which is the hard part.

I don't think I can ever be a teacher. too fucking stressful.
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through the fire

class went fine. I typed up a bunch of notes and was going to print them when my laptop battery ran down and so the computer put itself to sleep and I thought oh no problem just plug 'er in and then I looked in my bookbag and surprise! forgot to bring power supply.

so I made it up as I went along. in some ways it was helpful not to have a script and to let them know we were winging it. there are a couple of people who talk all the time and they came through for me. really the whole thing, as usual, was far less traumatic than the leadup. but that leadup I can never seem to dispense with.

I really am beginning to see a computer career (ha. I'll be of retirement age before it starts!) ahead of me. over thanksgiving U pointed out that taking classes part time at City College is a great way not to have to pay back your loans after getting the PhD. so I'm thinking finish this degree then go learn web design in earnest, but relatively slowly. I don't know how I'd finance this exactly given that I'm maxed out on student loans, but maybe I can find a strangely lucrative part time job proofreading or something.

hell I don't know. as daisydumont pointed out, if I end up out on the streets at least I will have a gorgeous warm blanket with me.
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