December 24th, 2004


steam. dissipated.

well great. now that it is almost time to pick up the car I am beginning to feel tired. I've been full of energy all morning. if I drank coffee now it almost certainly would put me to sleep.

oh well. maybe I'll pick up my packages, find a sunny spot to park in, and take a nap. I've got the car till 3.
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almost crash

well for about a half hour there I thought I had finally collapsed as I sat snoring in the chair in the living room after having what only 80-year-olds can credibly refer to as an exhausting day. I walked about 6 blocks and drove around a little.

the ridiculous moment of the day: I live at 20th street. the post office is at 23rd. the carshare cars are parked at 21st. I walked to 21st, got the car, drove towards the post office, circled the block a couple of times and the closest parking spot I could find was on 21st so I parked the car half a block from where I picked it up and walked to the post office.

I mean I didn't take the car expressly to go to the post office; I did have other places to go but I ran out of time to just walk to the po. it's just as well. that extra block could have worn me out even more.

you all are probably having your christmas eves. we always opened presents on christmas day at my house so I won't have to feel sorry for myself until morning. I hope everyone is having a peaceful and warm time. I'm actually enjoying having the house to myself--my stuff is already strewn all over the living room and kitchen--and soon will crawl up to my amazing technicolor blanket. I'd take the laptop up with me but I don't trust what Santiago might try to do with it while I'm sleeping. he always has to mess with stuff nearby in order to make sure that I know what a cute and clever and enterprising cat he is.
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