January 26th, 2005

mutts earl


I have a ticket to see the psychedelic furs tonight. I am not decided yet on whether I will actually make it out but supposedly the opening act goes on at 8pm so that means what. the furs will be on by 10 and done by midnight? that would be reasonable.

I have the urge though to stay up late and play with computers here at home.

oh which shall I do.

I remember when I'd spend all day thinking about what to wear. and which drugs to take and when.

I think I will put on black levis and a black tshirt and a black jacket. it is the one way we over-forties can keep the faith. what sorts of things did I used to wear? there was the five shirt look. and the holey jeans with colorful leggings underneath. a scrap of bright fabric wrapped around my leg. riding boots. hair pointing every which way.

perhaps tonight I will take one of those scraps of bright fabric and use it as an actual scarf. that'd be a way to be colorful without being anachronistic. and I could put extra shiny stuff on my hair or what is left of it. I mean how does one put on a sartorial yippee! when one is no longer driven by the need to be stared at?

day before yesterday the movie Pretty in Pink was on sale for $10 at virgin. I almost bought it.
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