February 12th, 2005



my god. how do you windows people put up with this shit? the installer for Office has hung three times and needed to be restarted and at the end of installing Business Contacts Manager it kept telling me to put the volume "CD-ROM" into the cd drive so I tried both the other installation disks and it didn't like them and in fact didn't like one of them so much it hung again so I quit the installer and reinserted the initial Business Contacts Manager installation cd and it asked me if I wanted to reinstall or uninstall so I assume it is installed but the gods only know.

I don't even have any Business Contacts to Manage but thought I'd go with the bells and whistles if only to give myself the chance to see how they all work.

now I am trying to install Service Pack One which of course is their effort to plug up the security holes of the original applications and the "Please Wait" dialog box has been imploring me to wait for ten minutes now during which no discernable hard drive activity has occurred and nothing like a progress bar has appeared anywhere to tell me if something is actually happening.

to install apps--even Microsoft Office!--on a Mac you drag a folder from a disk image to the place you want the program to live.

and then you are done.

ok sometimes there's actually an installer that puts things in various places for you but I don't know if I can even remember a single instance of an installer stalling under OS X. not even shareware.

ah. now it's done. will see if anything actually works now or how badly my machine is already hosed.
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