February 14th, 2005


ow. again ow.

up again with sore tooth. I called dentist's office earlier to leave a message on their voicemail as this is the introvert's strategy for dealing with phone business: call them after hours so they have to call you back so you don't have to psych yourself up to dial when someone might actually answer.

inadvertently dropped a glob of benzocaine on my tongue and now cannot feel the roof of my mouth. tooth still hurts but roof of mouth is in blissful ignorance of all of life's suffering. need glob of benzocaine for whole head, I think. inside and out.

well at least this gives me the opportunity to try out a windows lj client. so far Semagic is unexciting but functional and like all windows applications I've met thus far, drearily utilitarian in look and feel. there must be some decent skins for xp out there.

hm. now that glob of benzocaine has slowly dripped down throat I feel a headache coming on. I wonder if it was the orajel that gave me the afternoon headache that pretty much foiled my ambition to do work earlier (it is that time in the wee hours when it no longer makes sense to say today yesterday or tomorrow). I did manage to get some stuff done later in the evening though.

throbbing begins to subside. will venture back to bed.
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