February 16th, 2005


if I were a rich man

oh please someone somewhere give me $2500 so I can go to Madagascar to study fossas this summer!

I know I have a dissertation to write but I really really really want to go and they are only two-week stints anyway. please universe send me the money!

edit: am I insane? I just signed up to reserve a spot. I can cancel if I can't come up with the money. how might I go about raising money for this?
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mutts earl

giant hissing cockroaches??

email this morning indicates that I have been placed on the list to go to Madagascar July 16-Aug 11. wow if this really happens I will be in heaven.

except that daisydumont points out that there are also less glamorous species of fauna there than lemurs and fossas. well I will just have to make sure nothing has crawled into my shoes overnight.
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