March 6th, 2005


major tom?

ok ok I know I've been remiss. part of this is due to the fact that lisagail and I have discovered that we can blab over coffee every morning via instant messaging and thus I spend most of my caffeine in evanescent conversation rather than in logging my every fleeting distraction for digital posterity.

mostly nothing has been going on except that I have too much to do. I have three jobs again this semester and I am trying to focus more on dissertation work and in fact when I am done writing this I must sit and read for my own work rather than for any of the jobs. I keep thinking I must make up a schedule but then I feel like I don't have time to do that. as is I am trying to take at least one full day off a week and never do work for jobs over the weekend.

this is a switch from the beginning of the semester when I was trying to do all of my jobs over the weekend but they kept spilling over.

I haven't read my work out in a long time and I should get back into the habit of that. I haven't excerpted my writings to send to the journals that Lyn recommended and I should do that very very soon. I need to do laundry and clean the kitchen. we are fostering more rats. winter lasted three weeks here and although I complained about the cold which in san francisco is of approximately the same magnitude both indoors and out I am feeling impatient with the near-70F weather we are having now. I suppose it will be like this until the fog comes in around May and then it will drop to 65 until October when it will clear up and be in the 90s for two weeks and then it will drop to the 50s until next March. I swear to god no one has more boring weather than we do.

yeah I know rain gray and blah blah blah and although I do like the fact that one can wear nice clothes here more than twice a year I'd still like something resembling seasonal variation.

see. told you nothing was happening. here we haven't talked in weeks and already I'm going on about the weather.
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