March 12th, 2005


career guidance

so in addition to the teaching award that still has me completely flummoxed, I might now have a line on teaching a Critical Theory course at the SF Art Institute this fall because Catherine, who has been teaching there, got a job in New York (that in and of itself a bittersweet piece of news) and so they now have need of an ABD to teach in their liberal arts department and they have asked her for recommendations and she thought of me.

if this were happening to you would you think the universe was trying to tell you something?

their liberal arts classes are taught seminar-style: one three-hour meeting a week, so I would only have to deal with performance panic once a week, and both C and our friend Dale, who also teaches there and is willing to recommend me, says that artists are great fun to teach to which I say well I know. we artists are fun people.

anyway yeah. Catherine will be moving to New York over the summer. this upsets me a little but I am glad she finally got a job after all the grueling interviews and job talks of the past three years. I swear I will never go through what she went through but I might try this teaching gig thing one more time. an artsy job environment might suit me a bit better than the over-achieving high-stakes high-theory milieu I currently struggle to survive in.

and if this fails to reconcile me to my chosen profession well then I will know for sure that I need to choose a different one.
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