April 3rd, 2005



reading wookiepocket reminds me that tonight is k'vetch and that I went that one time and didn't think I was received particularly well which just made me think I should read Something Funny next time but then there wasn't a next time and maybe I should just go tonight and read Something Anything At All.

I profess after all to want to become a well-known author and although I would like that to happen spontaneously and in an instant such that I can then lock myself in my room and write, sending missives out into the world which are received with raves and hollers without my having to do anything further I have tried hoping and hoping for that sort of thing to happen for at least 25 years now and so far that plan has not worked overly well.

so I guess I have to "pay my dues" like everyone else.

if I went and paid some tonight, would any bay area types show up and clap so I didn't feel like a freak among freaks?
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plan b

yeah I'm thinking I'm going to stay in out of the rain and read cozily in bed this evening. read something someone else wrote that is. to myself. there will be more k'vetch's and more other opportunities unless it is really true that with the death of this pope begins the end of time. in which case I imagine there will be other things to worry about.
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