April 6th, 2005



I am about to do some work on my dissertation. I can neither describe nor explain the attendant anxiety. I am either going to: work on outline for chapters one and two as I am having difficulty keeping them separate in my head; look at old Stein essay and see how revisable/excerptable it is for chapter one; or write one more sentence on language, ethics, and the difference between mimicry and contagion (or "becoming," to use D&G's term but it's old and worn out by now).

which should I do first. I could write the sentence but I think it might be good to get a sense of where this collection of sentences that I started yesterday will go in relation to everything else so that I have some idea of where to point it in anticipation of whatever transitional device will be needed to get it going to its nextdoor neighbor topic. looking at the Stein essay and working on an outline might be concurrent tasks as looking at the one will tell me a little about what to do with the other.

oh dear oh dear oh dear.
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success and only with modicum of anxiety which occasionally morphs into something like excitement wh

I wrote one sentence that I do not like the looks of so much so am not going to show you all but I also worked on the outline for chapter two which makes it clear to me that chapter two could be its own dissertation and I'm thinking if I just write chapter two and hand it to my committee will they say oh you can stop now.

the outline, more or less:

		     The opposition between experience and language
		     The dependence of "experience" upon language
		     The inarticulate other of language and experience

Event/Logic of Sense/Articulation

Articulation/Logic of Desire

The question of ethics between Deleuze and Levinas

The other absolutely other/Desire

Trauma-Approach (the disaster)/Desire

	   Desire at the line of articulation
	   The Disaster at the line of articulation
		      disidentification outside of recognition
		      contagion outside of mimicry
	   Ethics at the line of articulation, disidentification and contagion
		      on speaking
		      on mercy
		      on "experience" as divinity, absolutely exposed
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