May 15th, 2005


nearly guilt free

taking the day off. since I've been working like a conscientious little maniac I can do this without shame.

there's a conversation going on usenet that I've stuck my neck out on and so far no axe has fallen. this is good.

I think coming up with a mask to make itunes look like corroded metal and then reading more about OS X and then reading more about Windows XP and then maybe playing a little bass or guitar is what I should do today.

I need money. seriously. no one seems interested in my chair and the person in charge of such things forgot to turn in my time sheet last month so I haven't been paid this month and I have about enough money for 10 burritos and that's it. bills? we aren't thinking about them right now.

so if you want to sell an item on ebay but you don't want less than a certain amount for it should you start the bids much lower than that amount and hope the bidding gets going? or hold fast to your price? this is a nice chair. I don't want to let it go for like $50.
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here in megadork land this is what we accomplished with our day:
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the corrosion, the widgets, and the "lcd" color are all new. this took five hours.
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