May 25th, 2005



lord have mercy I'm tired. it's slightly ridiculous to be this tired given that I slept 13 hours last night but these 2-1/2 hour classes take it out of you. I'm not even the primary instructor and it is wearing me out.

it would help I suppose to get the hormones back in whack. I'm two days behind as it took some extra effort to get my refill which I just procured this afternoon. no reason for the extra effort other than pure procrastination and I don't know what it is but I hate hate hate picking up meds when I'm not sure if my pharmacy coverage has lapsed and I hate hate hate going to the clinic to get my pharmacy coverage renewed which I have to do every three months. they never send me away and they are always nice to me but I just hate doing it. I keep expecting someone to tell me that they can't help me and that I have to pay for everything because I don't deserve the coverage.

but I guess maybe I should be giving myself a shot instead of writing.

well ok then.
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