June 13th, 2005


tell the sun I'm hitting snooze

well that was unimpressive. I tried to convince myself to get up at 5:30 but after gauging the heaviness of my eyelids thought you know if you get up now your first cup of coffee is going to put you back to sleep so I closed my eyes and opened them again around 6:15 and thought ok now but hold on a minute I just want to close my eyes once more and then it was 6:45 and I said enough get up.

I don't think I fell asleep before 8pm so at most I got 11 hours of sleep. still I think it beats sleeping from midnight to noon.

in a minute I will shower and then do some grading and then go to therapy and then do some more grading and then this afternoon I think I'm going to get a car and go buy window screens to replace the two that I noticed were coming undone during my window screen inspection of last week.

two of the rats got out last night and I can't find one of them. I'm going to put a dish of water out in the zoo room as that is really all she will need that she can't get. the door to the room was closed so she couldn't have gotten far. they left by their second-story door which I never use to feed them so they figured it out all on their own. syd was sitting in peanut's cage and peanut was up on her platform with this stricken look when I went in there. peanut is afraid of the rats but they are not particularly afraid of her. we leave the top open to her cage as with it down it is not quite big enough for her to stand up tall and she never has tried to hop out of the top. I don't know if she's not very adventurous, not very agile, or not very smart. in any case, rats have free egress through her territory when they are out.

Sandy will be home tomorrow. hopefully Morgan will have emerged by then. I don't have time to tear the zoo room apart looking for her but there really isn't very far that she could go.
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I'm going to bed. will report on waking up time after I wake up. I have only four papers to grade before noon tomorrow but I like getting up early so much I'm not going to sleep in. K has given me the day off tomorrow so I don't actually have to be in class. I'm not sure what I will do instead. I could do dissertation work or I could goof off.

tough choice. really tough choice.
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