July 2nd, 2005



it's 10. if I shower now it'll be 10:30 before I'm ready to do any work. then if I grade papers for two hours it will be just 12:30 and then I can go out flyering for the reading I'm going to be in on wednesday so that maybe someone will show up.

I'll be posting a flyer here shortly for those wondering. it's the usual FTM open mic thing at Club EROS on Market St in SF. 7-9pm. wednesday night. what more do you need besides the cute little clip art handyman? cute boys in nothing but towels. speaking of which, cute boy never wrote back after I sent him the pics. maybe he was looking for someone with a regulation dick. I do have one you know. it's just hard to find.

but anyway so then what. well then it will be near bedtime again because it comes around so regularly. I say this every year or that is this really is about the first year that I've noticed the days themselves going by really fast. I mean for a long time it was very puzzling to me how time overall was speeding up when the days themselves seemed about as long as ever--not as long as when I was 7, but about as long as when I was 20--but now the days are actually shorter than they used to be too. and I've always slept 10-12 hours a night so it's not just that I sleep all the damned time.

I think that one difficulty I should cite in my defense of taking nine years to graduate is that I am older than almost all the other students and so time goes by faster for me than for pretty much anyone else doing this so I should get longer.

don't you agree?
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graphically artless

this is the quickie flyer I threw together last saturday. it needs an edge treatment of some kind but I don't have time right now.
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one of these days I will learn how to draw my own pictures on the computer so I won't always have to go looking for clip art. but where do you start? do you draw on paper and then scan? I need a better scanner. do you use the bezier pen in Illustrator? I haven't gotten to where I can make it do exactly what I want it to do yet. do you just draw on your Wacom tablet? I have the little cheap one but haven't messed with it much. no time!

am I avoiding work? perhaps.
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