July 4th, 2005


kitty porn

at about 4 this morning I woke from a terrible dream to find santiago's head on my pillow and his little body all stretched out next to me, his paws across my neck. jackson was curled up next to him with his chin on my arm. I rubbed santiago's belly and he stretched out further and purred and that started jackson up purring and I smiled and smiled and smiled and eventually fell back to sleep to a slightly less alarming dream.

what more could a person need? sex? bah.
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I know it is heretical but I can't find it within me to get all excited about the fourth of july. I mean yeah taxation without representation is odious but it is hardly tyranny and had we not revolted where would we be now? canada? oh that would be awful wouldn't it.

I could rant but I need to finish the grading. yeah there are things I like about living here but let's be realistic in what we have actually achieved.
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mutts earl


grading is finished. the numbers are tallied, the spreadsheet is all spread--oh I'd better email their papers back to them. damn. I knew there was something between me and that cold beer.

really I want tea. yes that kind of tea. no tea till graduation though.

maybe instead I get a present! but Erik, you say. you've been buying yourself presents all along. yes but!

hm. what is it that I really want? Illustrator CS for Mac. because I swear to god that one day I will learn to use it but mostly this is my last guaranteed year in academia so I need to get all the software this year that I think I might want to use for the rest of my life. I never have gotten QuarkExpress and think I probably should but who the hell has time to learn how to use it? Although I suppose if I decided to publish my own stuff it would come in real handy.

I was going to say that I never have learned Dreamweaver but that's not really true insofar as I can import sites and mess with the pages and create pages from scratch and all that. I'm never going to be especially proficient with it since I'm a geek who prefers hand-coding in BBEdit but I know enough to keep a website in order.

this week though what I am going to do is this:

finally install that new hard drive
install Tiger on new hard drive
reinstall all necessary components for MovableType and in the meantime souping it up to server status without paying for server OS

clean kitchen
clean room
install hooks and shelves bought in last month

that's about it. I have to email the fellow in Rhetoric who administers the server to try to get Tiger's blogging software to do what we need it to do as I need to get the pedagogy website up by the end of August and he probably needs to get his stuff going as well. I should do that now. he had mentioned money. I should do that right now.
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soundproof booth

the question right now is if I go to bed at the usual time will the fireworks wake me up. they are relatively far away so earplugs might not be needed which is good because Sandy is out and there is no one else to listen for miscellaneous disasters once I go to bed. I suppose even if they did wake me up I shouldn't fret given that there is no particular reason that I need uninterrupted sleep tonight which I never get anyway. so if they wake me up I'll be up for awhile and sleep in till 8.

the story about what happened to someone else's cat who got loose accidentally has made me all the more anxious about santiago's habit of leaving. like I should build him a little bunker and never let him out of it. jackson could use one too but I don't seem to have to persuade him to stay inside.

oh the stress of having these completely vulnerable little guys for friends.
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