July 21st, 2005


sixteen tons

I have to think about money today. I have to think about a way to get some. I have turned in all the insurance claims I possibly can until my therapist gets me the invoices for the past nine months and of course blue cross is not overly eager to get their payments to you within any particular time so who knows when those will be processed and of course they also only allow about 80% of the actual fee I pay which is ridiculous as no therapist anywhere works for less than mine does but there are no rules about this so insurance can do whatever the fuck it wants. I hate the way healthcare is paid for in this country.

I will try once more to sell my chair. I've listed it twice on ebay and once on craigslist to no avail. the highest offer I've gotten has been $50 and I might just take that if it's all I can get but the fucker cost me six times that.

I've been commissioned to draw an illustration for a website so am doing that with my newfound photoshop pen tool skill. I don't know how much they are going to give me. it will be worth far more than I'd ever think of charging though. I need to learn illustrator if I'm going to do stuff like this--geekily speaking, vector graphics would be a lot more useful than bitmapped graphics for this kind of thing.

I have to think of some way to get some sort of steady cash flow going. I mean I'll be teaching soon and I guess once I get to that things will be ok. but in the meantime I really wonder if I could sell art on the internet. it'd be something I could do that is just about painless and there aren't many things like that.

I wonder how difficult/expensive it would be to have prints made of a pencil drawing. I wonder who does that sort of thing. it would be nice to be able to sell the same drawing more than once! :)

I mean yeah I have a dissertation to write but it doesn't pay very well.
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fresh as a daisy

in the too much information column, I've gone two days without deodorant because I keep forgetting to pick some up at Walgreens. so far I smell ok and I sweat so much from other bodily surfaces that I can't even tell if my underarms are wetter than usual. I wonder if I can get away with no deodorant or if I'd just be one of those stinky hippies who think they can get away with it and that three-day body odor is somehow beautiful and natural.

interestingly I do sweat like a horse as we all know but it doesn't smell. I hardly smell at all. a little ammonia if my body chemistry is leaning a certain way but that's about it. unless I actually smell awful and just am used to it. but someone out here in RL would tell me. wouldn't they?
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mutts earl


yesterday while shopping for Mac OS Tiger Unleashed--a volume that assumes you already know how to open and close finder windows so goes on to tell you how to do things like write shell scripts--I ran across this mouse pad. I have one mouse that is in need of a pad. I might go back and get one.
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