July 24th, 2005


party till dawn

I'm fairly certain that large gaggle of people in the apartment across the alley have not been to bed yet. either that or they are swilling the coffee to loud rock and roll. I am glad my room is on the front side of the house.

I remember all-night parties. I wonder if I will ever go to another one? given that this is it for school unless I decide to go get a different degree I might not be meeting young wild and crazy people anymore. I suspect that if I get a job in academia all the other professors won't be in the habit of going to each other's houses, drinking all night and playing spin-the-bottle.

I wonder if they are playing spin-the-bottle over there. I have to say in all my unbridled, extremely late adolescence of nine years ago, I really enjoyed that game. but that was because I had fallen in love with everyone here, which is not necessarily a good thing to do when you are new in town.

I think I have to shower now. the deodorant-less experiment is going surprisingly well. like I said I have no idea if I am sweating more without it but oddly I think I smell better without it than with it. this could work out very well but I should probably make sure that others can't smell me where I smell nothing. how do you go about doing that? "excuse me. could you tell me if I have offensive b.o.?" the one really nice thing about not wearing deodorant would be that the underarms of all my shirts would not bleach out. I assume that's the deodorant and not the sweat.

but yes. shower. then I have a few things to do today. tomorrow it's back to work on the dissertation and then start thinking about that class I have to teach this coming year. eek!
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I know I've mentioned this before but I'm sitting here at my computer trying to do 100 different things at once and watching the clock tick down to bedtime when I have to collapse for a few hours and then get up again and try to do 100 different things at once for another 12 - 14 hours and thinking about the years I spent staring out the window unable to find anything at all interesting.

the time and the money. both of them. I want them back.
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