July 25th, 2005

mutts earl

planning ahead

now that I think about it, I think I'd rather take a european tour than go to alaska for graduation.

just in case any of you were thinking about buying me a trip.. :)

amsterdam, berlin and paris would be the places I'd most want to go. also arles, france if there were time and maybe london just to be in a place where I spoke the language.

I wonder just how much money I would have to beg, borrow or steal to do this.
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three pages today. it is the first I've worked in a few days just because I got so excited about the many many pages I wrote last week I figured I could stop for a little bit. sure I could and I did but I think from here on out I need to remember that slow and steady wins the race.

I hope I'm doing this right. I mean I hope what I'm writing is what a dissertation should be or rather since Judith told me to be unconventional if it would be productive I hope that what I've come up with will at least get me something that they will all sign off on. by the time I get to the Stein chapter I'm pretty sure I will be writing in complete abstraction, which is to say, senselessly.
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now what

so the question for the afternoon is:

should I

read about the BSD subsystem of OS X

read about how to make Illustrator work

read about how to do complicated things in Photoshop

look for various OS X skins on the web

work on my own skin for OS X since all the ones I see seem to look alike

read more about Windows although I'm not sure if O'Reilly has anything helpful on esoteric "features"


should I do something non-computer related?? perish the thought.
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while reading about open source software and open standards for infomation processing, it occurs to me that I might be living through both monotheism's and corporate capital's last fascist backlash.

one could only hope.
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mutts earl

geek alert

lisagail will be happy that I've finally found something in my life to database: archived lj entries of course! why didn't I think of it before. the rather ridiculous non-existence of basic database functions on the lj site, plus a healthy fear that one day they might erase all my entries, has spurred me to download my whole journal month by month.

first I downloaded it in xml format just because, well, you know: all the cool kids are playing with xml these days and as I have never really learned it I spent two hours reading up on it on the web and discovering that FileMaker Pro will only read xml that it itself produced (unless one wants to go through one's xml files to make them conform to their grammar which would kind of defeat the purpose of downloading them in xml to begin with) and that firefox needs stylesheets at the very least to render your xml and I don't feel like drawing any up for lj xml and I don't know if firefox also needs a dtd to render it and I don't feel like drawing any up for lj xml AND there is of course no mention of dtd's anywhere on the livejournal site but that's not too surprising and so I gave up on the xml and just downloaded all of 2001 in comma separated text files.

which work wonderfully with FileMaker Pro as it turns out. in about five minutes I had all of 2001 in a labeled, searchable, sortable, printable database. I made 228 entries that year.

I could export this in xml now if I wanted to go on in that direction for fun but really do I need another learning project? is it clear why I never finish anything?

on to 2002!
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perverse from head to toe

while walking over to get the nightly sandwich that has replaced the nightly burrito (I really am getting to be a little old man--eating a sandwich for dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon) it occured to me what the opposite of monomaniacal must be: polymaniacal. ok that's not the opposite but the obverse or converse or one of those logical terms I never really learned but in any case this is what I am.

also while walking back I began to feel guilty that I had never followed through with my project to learn php last year and was reflecting on how these things come about. it's not that I've lost interest; oh no I still want to know it, but what happens is I get in to a certain level and then I get distracted with something else and by the time I have time to get back to it I've forgotten the basic concepts that I had gotten through before so I have to review and that takes a certain amount of time and in the end I have to go over everything two or three times because I never am able to spend an extended amount of time actually getting something down except my general academic project which I am thinking about every minute of every day.

but then it occurred to me that what I most need to know for the near future is how to operate a server under Mac OS X so I guess it's back to learning how to run, install and configure software from the command line.

too much to learn and not enough lifetimes in which to learn it.
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