August 8th, 2005



of the six things I am selling on ebay one has a bid (thanks daisydumont!) and the chair has six people watching. I wonder if they are going to stage a bid war at the last second. that could be fun to watch.

I've decided that artists need their own ebay--an artbay if you will. if I had time and money I would set it up myself. as is I have too many ideas for my own good but if I were a little more shrewd I would know how to make money off their simple having occurred to me. where does one go with ideas? to people with money, right? I don't know anyone like that. how would I go about finding backing and talent for something like this? I know. ten years ago I could have simply stuck my head out the window and asked.

I also think there should be something similar for independent musicians although there I think something more along the lines of shareware would work better: encourage people to pay for their mp3s by sticking some sort of audible watermark on unpurchased tracks--but the money would go straight to the artist without any middleman. I mean I'd be the one running the site, and maybe I'd collect a small fee from sales, but overall this would be more of a charity project than anything.

I'd need to learn php and mysql really quickly. too bad about that dissertation.
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as I was saying

you all will be happy to hear that I just revised a paragraph. I'm not sure if I can do much more than this today; I'm feeling oddly groggy as though I forgot to take my meds for several days and had to restart them all at once. or maybe it's time for a shot.

in any case there is fog in my head and I can't see the computer screen very clearly. but I did the paragraph and no one can take that away from me!
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it doesn't help that it is extra cloudy today in the city, i.e., the fog and low clouds have yet to clear even in my neighborhood which is always the last to fog up and the first to clear. it feels like a seattle winter in here. I mean it's not that cold but it is dark and gray and the bed is gently whispering in my ear to come on up and get comfy. how is a person supposed to get anything done on a day like this?

here's the list

write as much dissertation as possible
finish syllabus, email bibliography for reader
investigate blojsom
write poem

finish chapters on bsd in tiger book
learn php
learn apache
learn bind
learn mysql

play all those gnome-games that took two days to compile
fiddle with gimp

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man. I bet I could go to bed now and sleep till morning. so sleepy! I find it amazing sometimes just how much my body likes to sleep.

I forgot to mention that I need also to catch up on Cascading Style Sheets really quickly too. I know them to a brief extent but the whole box concept was never explained to me very well and so I have problems getting box elements to look the way I want them to so I'm starting from the very beginning. CSS is of course how most blogs are customizable so no matter which one we use I'm going to be in charge of the CSS for it.

I hope everyone likes blue.

have I mentioned how cool and handy is? what I didn't realize until very recently is that UCB has a campus-wide subscription. but I still pay for my own little one because the UCB one does not include recent books on specific non-unix applications. either way it rocks. I may never buy another computer book.
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I give up

ok I can't sit here dozing off in my chair any longer. I'm going to climb up to bed and see how many hours I can sleep in a row.

the record is something like 30.
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