August 9th, 2005


on. off. on. off.

the wireless connection on my laptop keeps dropping and I don't know if it is the wireless card or the router that is screwing up although I didn't notice any problems at school the other day using airbears wireless. I keep having to re-choose my network and it stays up for a minute or two and then it drops again and it is driving me a little nuts. I could just go get a new router I guess and see if that fixes things but I've begun a new policy lately regarding spending which is now cash only and I don't know if I can afford a new router right this minute.

if I got a new router then I would be faced also with the decision of whether to get a "g" instead of "b" router but if I got "g" I would have to get a new card for the laptop and I don't know if I can even put an airport extreme card in it. I suppose there are ways of finding out. I could go to the genius bar at the apple store but I don't necessarily put more stock in their knowledge than in my own.

so right this minute I am typing at my windows machine which hurts my wrists cause it is at a bad angle. I thought I'd repair permissions on the laptop because it is that one miscellaneous maintenance thing you do with OS X that sometimes fixes weird little problems.

since you are all wondering how much I slept: I fell asleep by 4pm and tried to get up at 5:30am but was still too sleepy so I slept another hour. I woke up a bunch of times in between but went right back to sleep every time. today I feel fairly energetic. it would just be pathetic if I didn't.
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ah. back on laptop. man typing at a weird angle really hurts! I wonder how I managed to get the angle just right with my laptop. part of the comfort also has to do with being able to rest my hands on the laptop surface before the keyboard. perhaps I should get one of those gooey pads that collects dust disgustingly for the other keyboard.

my connection has been steady for five minutes. sssshhhhhhh!

I have to finish my syllabus this morning and get that info to SFAI. sometime soon I need to go over there and get the lay of the land and introduce myself to whatever support staff we have in the liberal arts department. it's always advisable to be good to the staff because they know how everything works.

then I guess I will type however much dissertation I can type today. that one paragraph really took it out of me yesterday! I think it might be time to move on to the next essay I want to talk about but I have been leaving the transitions to twist in the wind which is not necessarily a bad thing but I will have to come up with reasons for moving from one thing to the next when and how I do.

then I don't know. I should look at the website that I am supposed to be diagnosing this month. and I should go see if I have a paycheck for this work yet. if I do then I could think about a new router.

clothes. that's the first thing.
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mutts earl

cat report

Santiago is feeling better.

which means I have extra string-trailing and belly-mauling to do this morning. as well as cat-extracting-from-inconvenient-and/or-annoying-places.
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one task down

my syllabus is not firmed up yet but I've decided on all the readings at this point. I tried my best to keep them concise, following Karen's model (person I've TA'ed for two terms in a row now), so as to be able to interrogate each text in depth rather than try to scurry to fit a whole life's oeuvre into one three-hour class. I tend to over-assign not in the sense that no one could possibly read as much as I assign but rather I have a hard time staying disciplined enough to only give them a couple of concepts a day to think about. I find it difficult to cut texts down to the bare bones--I see that I probably have enough, but then I read ahead another paragraph and think to myself well this part is really cool too so I have to put it in and this next one and this one here and then I get into trouble trying to teach everything at once.

I'm oddly excited about teaching. I don't know why exactly. it usually freaks me out. perhaps this will pass when I walk into a room full of people I don't know and tell them why they should pay attention to this stuff that they probably didn't bargain on having to learn at art school.

on to the dissertation. I think it is time now to reread an Agamben piece and write about it. this is the hard part: finishing a whole essay while thinking of things to say about it. I usually get lost in my own thoughts about halfway through. there are a number of essays that have been very important to me that I have no idea how they end. everytime I try to finish one I end up writing fifteen more pages and getting no closer to the end. grad school has ruined me.
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nancy fight

oh this figures

what are you supposed to do if word freezes at the first keystroke?

trash your prefs I guess first. it better work. stupid word. I only use it because of its hegemonic domination of the word processing world.

hey. I could try open office now couldn't I..?
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mutts shadow


well. the chair finally sold. for my absolute minimum price, but sold nonetheless. now I have to haul the thing down to the mailing store a block away and have them put it on the truck. I wonder if they have a weight limit on what they will ship for me. I never thought to ask. the chair is 40 pounds in the box. I'm not sure how I'm getting it down the street. I need to borrow a skateboard but no one I know has one. we are all grown up here after all. I wonder if they'd have a handtruck I could borrow. maybe the store next door would loan me theirs.
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this is silly. I feel a little sleepy again but I think this is normal afternoon fade together with yesterday's shot which wouldn't have hit quite yet.

I'm not going to go to bed over it in any case. I wrote a couple of dissertation pages and now should go look at the php for the website that is in crisis to see if I can fix it.

I should also check my bank balance and my paypal account and see how hard it is to get funds from the one to the other. I mean I know how to spend money; I'm not sure how to make it.

I wonder if I got one of those wheeled luggage tote things if it would fall apart under the load before I got to the mailbox place. see this is the part I've been dreading and for which the winning price only partially begins to make up.
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