August 11th, 2005

nancy fight

the good fight

although it is tempting to throw one's hands in the air and just give up, there are a couple of issues on which I still exercise a little online activism. this is one:

Help Save Our Arctic Refuge!

Hi! I just sent a very important message to my Senators and Representative urging them to vote against ANY budget measure that would allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, our most magnificent wildlife sanctuary. Please help us collect one million signatures at !

Political leaders in Congress and the Bush administration have announced plans to include measures in this years budget that would allow drilling in the Arctic Refuge. And for what? A few months' supply of oil that would not reach the market for a decade. Meanwhile, the harm to wildlife and to our greatest wildlife refuge would be irreparable. We need to save wild places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for future generations.

Please take action now at:!
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mutts earl

kitty porn

it's almost perverse, the extent to which Santiago loves to rub up against my freshly showered, wet, naked legs. I can't decide if I am perverse for enjoying it. he also likes to be dried off with the towel after all the water that was on my legs is on him. we have a little makeout session every time I get out of the shower.
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no I guess it only seems like it should be evening. on an odd note, today is going by slowly. this must be due to some cosmic rift in the space-time continuum because it certainly couldn't be the universe responding to my complaints about fleeting time.

.. ok I have now spilled coffee on every white shirt that I own. there's not but three of them. one of them is now hanging up to dry. I think I will sit here shirtless until I am ready to put the coffee down. by doing this I risk a mauling from Santiago who occasionally gets a little carried away with the shoulder tapping. he forgets sometimes that I am not a cat.

the day though. going slowly which means I should take advantage and do stuff but the reason it is going slowly is that I am vaguely bored and that usually means that nothing is as appealing as it usually is. I don't know what this is. is this depression? I've had this all my life only as a female it was both more acute and more chronic. these days it tends to mean time for a shot but I just did that two days ago so that's not it.

I wrote about three pages today so am not feeling guilty about not working. I fixed the website that I am being paid to fix this month and am now looking for more things to do to earn the money they are paying me. the afternoon is mine. I think I should go for a walk as that tends to clear up the dissatisfaction somehow. I'm not sure how it works but it usually works. granted a walk to cure boredom is not as much fun as a walk when feeling bouncy but still it does help.

ugh. whose idea was it to put my brain together this way. people should think a little harder about the consequences of having babies--calling another human to life is not always the kindest thing to do.
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spam spam spam spam spam and spam

I've received a total of 14 calls today on my cell, all of them from number "Unavailable" and not one of them leaving a message. why do they think I will pick up my cell when they don't tell me the number? isn't that reason number one not to answer? and if you are blocking caller ID of your number, wouldn't you leave me a message if I knew you?

I can't believe the number of junk calls I get although here today the landline has been ringing off the hook too. sometimes I really really hate the phone. that would be different from the times when I'm simply afraid of it.

time for bed. I jacked the volume back up on my clock radio so as to wake me rather than cause disturbing dreams. it worked this morning so I think I've found the correct level.

nighty night.
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