August 12th, 2005



I should go to school today. not that there is anything pressing for me to do there but there should be a paycheck waiting for me and I do need it.

this means a ride on BART with my little wrist band pressure point motion sick things which mostly work but not as well as one would hope. since I've been listening to audio books while riding BART I have come to associate narrative with vague nausea.

I have to finish picking out selections for my reader for the Art Institute class. I keep changing my mind about what I want to do but maybe I should just put in everything I think we might want to read. right now I'm not sure whether to keep Derrida in or put something like Robert Walser in his place. the Walser is more fun, but am I being remiss in not teaching Derrida in a 19th-20th century critical theory class? I can always teach him in the "B" portion in the spring, after I've warmed them up to theoretical prose.

maybe that's the best idea. I'd give them some Paul Celan too but I wouldn't want any of the poor dears slitting their wrists. still. with Samuel Beckett he could make for quite a gravitational class meeting. I mean we all know Beckett is hilarious but that's not really the first impression he tends to make.

this is the hard part: deciding what not to teach.
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I swear to god life would not be worth living without cats.

I'm such a lesbian.
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so I should have just called elizabeth I guess since I came all the way over here to find no check yet. it was iffy that I'd get it so quickly but still. insurance owes me a couple too but they are big ones so I don't expect them to be going out of their way to expedite.

I always complain about insurance but I have to admit that mine usually does fairly well by me. I shouldn't say this out loud of course.

I don't feel like doing anything. I should be looking at CSS manuals as I need to be able to write it efficiently once we get the server up and running. I'm good at color and type formatting but I haven't learned the intricacies of spatial arrangement yet. or every time I do try to arrange a page, each browser displays a different error.

I know CSS has revolutionized HTML markup but I have to say I was getting pretty damned good at tables when they threw that whole model of layout out the window. judging by the source of many pages there are still quite a number of websters out there still using them, but I want to be on the bleeding edge of the standard. also I understand and agree with the philosophy, so if I'm to have any net integrity I have to make the switch.

change is hard.

but yeah I don't feel like reading. I should. I should read today and take tomorrow off. I've been working pretty steadily here for several days. of course reading about the internet isn't really work insofar as I actually like doing it--do you know that berkeley freshmen have no concept of doing work you don't like? I learned this this summer when we had them read a Marcuse piece on the enslavement inhering in the free market and they had no idea why anyone would complain about having to work. oh my god are they a bunch of privileged little upper middle class brats!

ok ok I'll do a little work. will try to pretend it is play.
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