August 17th, 2005


up and at 'em atom ant

my paycheck was somehow lost in the system--I think at some point someone forgot to click "enter"--so I borrowed a little cash from my boss at school. in a minute I must shower and go to the bank.

I have enough now for a new pillow! my old pillow that I think we bought after the house burned down in 88 finally ripped and now there are feathers everywhere. I could stuff the feathers back in and sew it up, and if I were my housemate that is exactly what I would do, but the cover is threadbare all over and it is just a matter of time before it disintegrates.

yes I want an excuse to go to bed bath and beyond and I want a new fluffy pillow. they keep sending us coupons and I haven't been able to think of anything to use them for. the question is do I reserve a car or walk. it's about a mile and a half away so the walk is sizable but not outrageous as long as you don't buy anything heavier than a pillow. I could also use some new sheets because I use the same set over and over and the ones I bought two years ago are also beginning to rip but I think sheets have to wait until the paychecks are steadier.

maybe I'll buy myself a new washcloth or a toothbrush holder. just something frivolous but useful and not particularly expensive.

I may have landed two more jobs. I told them I had to have time to write too but these jobs apparently can be done very slowly. it's all computer stuff and I'm thinking my future career might not be in rhetoric at all. wo0t!

my ears are ringing in time to my heartbeat. is this a sign of high blood pressure? it's just going "whoosh. whoosh. whoosh."

coffee. maybe it's a sign of too much coffee.
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mutts earl

off, boy

you know as long as it doesn't require too much interaction with others I rather enjoy having errands to run. I've never thought about it before but an afternoon with doodads to pick up and things to be carried about is quite congenial to me. I mean I don't want to help a friend move every day--there is a limit to how many and how heavy those things be to be carried about--but going to the store for things like scotch tape and toothpaste is very enjoyable.

I like looking over all the things they set out for you to look over and even if I don't buy anything I like looking over them although I have to say that going window shopping when I know I have no money really isn't much fun but window shopping when I could buy something is very enjoyable even if I come home empty handed. it really doesn't matter that much to me whether I get to bring anything home as long as the possibility exists. otherwise there doesn't seem much point in going to the store. you know? I could look over things with or without money but the uncertainty that some of them might be coming home with me makes for just the amount of suspense needed to hold my interest.

I also like going to the post office. well the long lines are beginning to wear on me but the going is always exciting and the picking up and the sending off.

I am going to go look at pillows now.
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nancy fight

hopping mad

oh my god is this annoying!!

insurance says I submitted my entire claim after the time limit for submitting claims. now the time limit used to be 18 months and although it might have changed to 12 months still half of the claims I submitted were less than a year old.

fuckers. they think if they do this you will go away and not ask for your money.

I can't see that this would work with too many people. this sort of thing gets me on the phone immediately so I imagine the rest of the world would be jumping in the car and driving over to the office.

grrr. if it were later in the year when I actually was being paid regularly the delay wouldn't matter so much but I need this money you stupid motherfuckers.


ugh. I'm waiting for the school blue cross rep to call me back. if he doesn't call I'm taking a trip to Berkeley tomorrow.

god I hate this shit.
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on the bright side I got a nice new down/feather pillow for a very reasonable price, plus some cheap padded deelybobs to sit on while meditating. they probably were manufactured under bad karmic conditions but what are you going to do.

and Jay just called me to say he will adjust my claim. he was very calm and wanted names at blue cross to yell at but I hadn't actually talked to a person there so he will have to direct his ire to the company as a whole, as do I and as do we all. I thanked him.
why do they do this?

I'm going to unpack my pillows. I also got a pillow protector so that I can wash the outside of my pillow from time to time without having to dunk the feathers under too. if I had my own dryer I wouldn't mind drying a down pillow but it would cost a fortune at the laundromat.

Santiago is showing a keen interest in the new feather smell. I wonder if he will be sleeping on my head tonight.

I have to go to the zen center between now and saturday to pay and register for the introductory afternoon.

I also have to run off copies for my class reader. my scanner has a "copy" function on it but it has nowhere near the speed of a real copier. I'd almost be willing to go to kinko's and pay the measly couple of bucks it would take to copy everything for the amount of time it would take to produce inkjetted pages. but maybe I'll try adjusting everything to grayscale first and see if that speeds things up. I wonder if I'd also be wasting tons of ink money.
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