August 22nd, 2005

mutts earl


poor Jackson. the cats have taken to sitting on top of one of my tall bookshelves so I put a towel up there to make it a little more cozy. Jackson was just sitting there minding his own business when Santiago lept over to the same spot and basically squeezed Jackson out of it. there was no fight--only a brief flurry of defensive licking that is Jackson's way of saying please don't hurt me and then Jackson lept back to the cat tree, defeated.

there would be room for both of them but Jackson never sticks around long enough to see if Santiago will mind sharing.

he's not very good at reading cat body language either. Santiago occasionally flops down belly up in front of Jackson and Jackson gets all nervous and defensive and often just splits. he seemingly has no clue as to what that posture means. he was about three years old when I got him so I have no idea what sort of life he had before. I wonder if he was brought up in a skinner box.
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saved by the bell

it just occurred to me that since the berkeley semester officially starts today I can go in tomorrow and get an emergency loan to tide me over until I start getting more paychecks more regularly. wo0t!

I have a million things to do today and I don't know how many of them I will actually get to. I need to run off copies for my reader today--should have done it friday--but as I have no money I can't do it at kinko's and I don't know if I get copier privileges at the art institute. I did have summer copy numbers at berkeley but I don't know if my number is still activated. I could beg elizabeth for copies I guess but I would have to explain how it benefitted berkeley to let me copy.

I need to

make reader
take reader to art institute
print prints for auction winner
get mailing tube for prints--they must dry overnight before I roll them up so tomorrow for mailing them
get jackson's pills

I think that's it.

tomorrow I will do whatever I didn't get to today, plus mail the prints and get the loan.

damn. I was going to write too.
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motor mouth

chapter two has sixty pages so far and I still haven't gotten to deleuze and levinas. I am beginning to think that I should merge what I've got with the bare beginnings of an introduction which I also have managed to produce and then put deleuze and levinas in their own chapter as was the plan at the beginning of this whole thing. telling this story is taking a long time.

Judith told me that 100 pages by december would keep the department off my back. I'm thinking that should be no problem as long as I can find time to write while teaching. I think right now I have close to 80 pages although of course none of it has been approved yet.

she also told me that people have graduated on 120 pages before. it's possible that I am halfway through. that seems unlikely somehow and certainly nothing I'm writing could actually be worthy of a dissertation.

well who knows. I think I need to wind up the section I'm working on and send it off to them so they can all tell me just what it is I should be doing instead.
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I'm going to bed now. I didn't get done half of what I wanted to get done but part of the reason for that is that I'm down to my last $2 until I get a loan tomorrow. I will have to get the loan in order to be able to afford BART fare back--I might have to live in the Mac lounge at school for a while.

I did print the prints to be mailed tomorrow. I did write a fair amount. I did learn more php and I think I am getting to where I could reverse-engineer stuff fairly easily which is mostly what I need to be able to do in order to make my supplemental income this semester. I'm still not broken in to the programming way of thinking so I would yet have some trouble creating scripts from scratch but even there I could probably hack my way through a simple guestbook or something.

but I don't have time for that. I need to come up with an interactive form for the Dwinelle Hall website's lost and found page. I have a skeletal input scheme ready-made but it will take some modification.

otherwise. tomorrow go for loans, copy copy copy for reader, mail prints. maybe go to art institute but maybe save that for wednesday. I really should go and orient myself.

too much to do. why am I not making any money yet?
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