August 25th, 2005


so crowded no one goes

at last found an open kinkos. I did not have time when I was done to stop at the art institute but I did drive by it just to size up the neighborhood and it is in a beautiful old mission-style villa or church complex--I can't quite decide what it once might have been.

the bus that stops in front of my house also stops within half a mile of the art institute but between the bus stop and the school there is this largish hill. I might take the bus a few blocks further to the bottom of the hill and walk around but getting there still isn't going to be simple. I don't mind hills when I'm trying to exercise but when I'm going to work it just means I get to start my day bathed in sweat. will see if I have an office of my own in which to remove my shirt and air dry.

otherwise I could take a car on mondays but that could get expensive especially if I ended up with long office hours tacked onto the class time. plus there is no parking that I can see other than street parking and that didn't look so good today thus I imagine once school starts it is impossible.

oh the kinkos had a parking lot. in san francisco! a real parking lot! I felt so lucky. there really is no place here to put a car which is why no one has one.
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say one of your lower eyelids is exhibiting a curious mix of mild pain and mild itch in an extremely localized area about 5mm in diameter, is slightly swollen and red there in an almost patchy rashy sort of way, has been this way for 24 hours and is worse now than when it started, are you likely to have something going on besides an old-fashioned stye?

the conjunctiva is red too. redder than the other one, that is. I've had styes before and they haven't looked or felt quite like this.
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