August 26th, 2005


medical report

the thing on my eyelid is bigger and bumpier this morning and still itchy-painful. I think it is a herpes type something or other. I've never had cold sores and don't have other strains of herpes that I know of but this looks like a herpes lesion. maybe it is the old chicken pox saying hello or some new thing.

in any case I wonder if I should get it looked at today. the internet says I should. I wonder what the nurse would say.

annoyance. I have other things I need to be doing!
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the doctor will see you now

I called the advice nurse at school and although she did not go so far as offer a differential dx she did think I should be seen today so I'm off to berkeley here in a sec. I wonder if there is any work I need to do over there. I don't need any library books. I don't need to make copies. I don't need to talk to anyone in person about website issues.

hm. well I'll take the laptop and hope the battery doesn't run down waiting for my 15-minute appointment. the nurse says that under the new system you really do get seen right away and then you're done.

we'll see.

maybe they'll give me an eyepatch. maybe I'll still be wearing it when school starts. wouldn't that be cool.
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the goods on the eye

dx: herpes simplex
rx: acyclovir

md: nice if kind of dorky

my height in stocking feet: 5' 7-3/4" (I'm shrinking!)
my weight in stocking feet: 170 (and I thought I'd lost more than that. oh well. the beer fat is still all gone.)
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