September 4th, 2005


oh! it's a disaster!

his handlers must have finally caught up with him to tell him to look grave instead of acting like he was reading the real estate want ads for southern Louisiana and Mississippi. George Bush solemnly promises to do whatever it takes on the gulf coast--whatever it takes, that is, to make us forget that his most immediate thought after flying over the region was for Trent Lott's fantastic new house.

how are the Democrats reacting?

"The silence of many prominent Democrats reflects their conclusion that the president is on treacherous political ground and that attacking him would permit the White House to dismiss the criticism as partisan politics-as-usual, a senior Democratic aide said."

if you find this to be yet another manifestation of the Democratic Party's utter lack of backbone and balls, I suggest you write to your democratic congressperson or, if you don't have one, to your favorite (sic) democratic leader.

I'd suggest doing it very soon.
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plan b

"The U.S. Senate is currently upgrading our Internet mail system to better serve you. Senator Boxer’s response to your message will therefore be delayed while this upgrade is completed.

We will begin sending out Senator Boxer’s responses to constituent correspondence as soon as the new and improved system is up and running. However, please be advised that we will have a backlog and expect some delays.

Again, thank you for writing. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay. If you need to contact Senator Boxer immediately, please write, call, or fax one of her California offices listed below."

ok so fax your congresspeople. unless you are one of those strange ones who like to get things done by phone.
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this is what I just wrote to Dianne Feinstein, California's republicrat. I hope it sounds reasonable and yet forceful:

Dear Senator Feinstein,

According to the New York Times this morning, Democratic Party leaders are withholding comment on the Administration's disastrous response to the disaster on the Gulf Coast, thinking that they will simply be "dismissed as playing partisan politics." I find this exasperating and would like to know just when the Democratic Party thinks it would be appropriate to demand that Bush and his team be compelled to account for a week's worth of inaction and obvious lack of concern for the (mostly poor) victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The Administration is working furiously to control the damage done to the office of the President by its current holder; this seems to be their primary motive in suddenly rushing aid to the Gulf Coast. As an urban dweller I am appalled by this Administration's cynicism and callousness regarding the devastation of an entire American city, and especially as one who lives in the earthquake-prone city of San Francisco, I feel that I have personally been slapped in the face by the people who are supposed to serve and protect me as an American citizen.

Don't back down! I say the Democratic Party needs to stop worrying about the White House's response and demand accountability from them instead. I am so frustrated with Democratic leadership's lack of resolve in keeping the Republicans honest that I swear I will vote Green in the future if someone in the party does not stand up to the appalling policies and actions of the Bush administration. I have just about had it with you people.


Erik M. Schneider
Department of Rhetoric
University of California, Berkeley
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so anyway

I was going to do laundry this morning. I mean I still can but I'm starting to think about putting it off till tomorrow although that won't really do anyone any good but I do have one pair of clean underwear left.

am also thinking of shaving my head although not down to the nubbins but about a quarter inch all over. if I hate it then I can just shave it completely off and let it regrow, right? at some point I always stop having other people cut my hair and since these days I just have them shave it short all over it seems like I could do this myself.

is this a bad idea right before teaching starts? I have a week to grow enough hair to make up for any mistakes. I have guides for the clippers that will make my hair the same length all over so that I don't get those dotted lines across my scalp showing you where the clippers were not held steady.

I figure whatever I ended up with it couldn't look as, um, noticeable as some of my homegrown haircuts of the past.

erin with hair

I am almost out of acyclovir. I will call tomorrow and ask if I should get more. I don't don't don't want this recurring right away. I mean I don't want it recurring at all but I especially don't want it to do so right now.

back to your regularly scheduled program I guess. since something is finally being done about the Gulf Coast I don't feel I must follow the developments 24x7 but man I do sure hope the nation does not forget. it really really sucks that all these people had to die in order for America to wake up. I just hope we don't go back to sleep or something like this will happen again.

I'm still thinking of the eastern washington cabin and gun though.
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in completely trivial news, I am switching back to safari as a web browser after watching firefox repeatedly summon the spinning beach ball whenever it hit a complicated website. I don't know if safari will be better but when I left it it was pretty fast most of the time. firefox was faster then, but that has changed for some reason. I don't have a lot of extensions and plugins for it so even if it is them I'm not interested in stripping it of most of its functionality to speed things up when safari comes stock with most things I need.

I do miss being able to add search engines to the search bar.

today I think I will do some paid work but not too much. mostly I want to get dressed and move around a little but I don't have anything really to move around for. I could go for a walk I suppose but that always involves sweat and wind and icky wet clothes.
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well what did we expect

reading AMERICAblog leads me to believe that even with the grave faces this morning, the feds are still fucking up the relief effort. I mean I do know I should be critical of my news, but most of these entries are quoting other sources that generally seem credible--certainly more credible than the feds saying that things are going quite well.

still I have to turn away if only for a little while. I can't sacrifice my mental health unless it is necessary, and I don't see that necessity just yet.
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