September 5th, 2005


day labor

yeah going to the laundromat today was not the best idea. I got into a fight over a washer and subsequently apologized for being crabby but look at all these people can you blame me. I thought if I got there early it would not be crowded but not only did I not really get there very early it was mobbed despite being before noon. what were these people doing at the laundromat on labor day?? shouldn't they be at the lake getting drunk?

yeah I know. what lake.

but the laundry is done and I am living under the spell of clean socks. my silk undershirts are drying in the back room and I even took a few notes for opening day while I waited for things to get washed.

I have to say though that the luxury I pine for the most is a washer and dryer in my house. what a boon to productivity that would be! I just spent two and a half hours doing not a whole lot besides staring at my clothes going round and round--yes I took some notes but not exactly copius ones as the heat and the four tv's and the kids running around are not particularly conducive to rumination. mostly I got down that I wanted to say something about "critique" but I am not sure what.

need I say a word about how we need to hound our representatives until they understand that we want them to be angry with the administration?

yeah it's not going away but I hope the people on the gulf are at least feeling a little relief by now. I'm so sorry we screwed up.

it's afternoon already and you know with my bedtime that means it's time to wind down but I should probably try to do something productive for a little while. what will it be. I want to stop reading about php and start building sites already. maybe I should write the Dwinelle Hall Lost and Found page to the extent that I am able.
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I really want to shave my head.

lisagail thinks I shouldn't until after school starts. in case I screw it up real bad.

thing is I don't quite see how a person could screw this up. I used to cut my own hair with scissors and a mirror and never embarrassed myself. clipper guides. clipper guides!

my one trepidation is that I do have fine hair so if I found that it wouldn't stand up to the clippers I'd have a problem. but not one that I couldn't fix by going to the barber.

wash it first. think about it in the shower.
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mutts earl


it's a little shorter than originally planned but that's the way these things usually turn out. I was prepared. I had it one length and thought surely I can make the back and sides shorter and do the blend by feel in the back and yeah no you can't do that.

I like it although I did not anticipate looking this pretty. I don't mean attractive necessarily; just that without hair on top my face recalls some of its feminine roots.

the webcam is on but I am topless. in a minute I'll put on a shirt if you want to wait till I'm decent. must cool off a little first.

note for next time: shower after cutting hair. I had to take my pants off and get back in to rinse the hair off my back.
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