September 6th, 2005


and now

last week being the wash that it was we now join our protagonist this week, attempting to catch up on all he did not get done last week.

today I must go to the art institute and finally introduce myself around, do paperwork, etc. teaching begins for me on monday and I haven't even signed up for payroll yet. a million things and counting before I can rest easy and just start quietly freaking about filling three hours every week. for now I'm just going to be slightly nervous about going into a new place where I know no one and nothing about the culture etc. first days of any kind are always nerve-wracking.

beyond that there is not much I can do to fix anything except to keep urging you to ride your representatives until some heads roll for real. I think I will send more email tomorrow since I suspect they are all just now getting to the ones I sent over the weekend.

should the financial end of things ever shape up for me, I will be putting together my earthquake kit here very soon. and getting renter's insurance.

here's a boring list

make toc for reader
check mail for things I need to fill out and take in
call human resources dept to make appointment for paperwork

get on bus
figure least steep walking route from bus stop to building
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well I'm all ready to go to the art institute but if I leave now I will arrive at lunch time and it strikes me that I will not get a lot of information out of them if they are all out to lunch.

so I guess I'll wait an hour.

now what.

dum de dum.
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you know you are getting old when..

1pm feels too late in the day to get started on something.

I'm going to wait and go first thing in the morning. I keep getting caught up with additional details and at this rate I wouldn't get there till after 2 which is not that late but I'd rather go and do it in the morning. then I can spend this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon doing some kind of work.

I think I've worked out the best route and it is nothing like the route recommended by the trip planner at I guess they are trying to save me money by not putting me on BART first but really going downtown and catching the bus to North Beach is going to be much faster and get me much closer.

really the thing is that I don't like to face new things in the second part of the day. coffee and wits are best in the morning and so I'd rather do all scary stuff then.
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