October 4th, 2005



so I picked up the table and it weighs 32 instead of 23 pounds but maybe some of that is the box? anyway it is still in the box and leaning against the cat tree while santiago tries his best to open it. something about it is very interesting, I guess.

I had made a three-hour reservation for the car for no reason I could remember so I went to bed bath and beyond and once again forgot the coupons so the coffee maker I was thinking of getting is still there on the shelf waiting for me to remember the coupon. 20% off anything is nothing to sneeze at. I should inspect it and make sure that cuisineart coffee makers are not exempt. I did buy yet more candles (not sure what is going on here) and some boxy things to set on the table with the candles but I kind of wanted a little shelvy thing but probably needed to go to the container store for that but after I got out of nordstrom rack it was time to bring the car back. see I got held up at ups because they don't open till 9:30 the lazy bums and thus I did not get to shopping proper till 10am.

found two shirts. I need yet more hangers. will go down to the new sundries store that has reached a new low in SF-style make-do marketing: it is in a huge old auto shop and the displays consist of oddly shaped plywood tables and/or the cardboard boxes the merchandise came in. they put plexiglass in the big open windows and instead of removing the visa/mc sign and the garage sign they painted over them--that is, they did not paint in a name for their store but simply painted the signs out with beige paint so there are beige blank squares hanging over the door. there is no name. it would be a flea market if it didn't happen to be inside a building I guess except that it is run by only one merchant. sometimes I marvel at how unamerican this city is.

they've gotten hold of a big crop of bamboo and thus sell many varieties of cheap ceramic vases and bowls each with a bundle of green bamboo sticking out of it. I walked through it the other day to see if anything at all was worth buying but the only useful items are the powder coated hangers. will see if I can come up with descriptions of the other merchandise after my trip down there. I remember two huge boxes of random pairs of ugly shoes that looked like they had been crushed.

so it's almost one. I'm alarmed that my day off is whizzing by so quickly. getting up at 6:30 is supposed to prevent this. guess I'd better put that table together. I hope I don't need, like, a torch or anything.
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with friends like this

I now have a table that will piss off anyone who helps me move in the future. well it's not as heavy as the oil can but it has sharp little edges facing downwards. I guess carrying it upsidedown might be the way to go about it. or taking it apart but putting it together is hard on the back just bending over to tighten all the bolts.

I need some sort of drape for it. I'm thinking chain mail. the fellow that made my wallet chains does a great job but is it just too dorky geeky gothy ren fairish to have chain mail on your table? it's just that cloth is not industrial-looking enough for me and I can't think of any other way to get metal to drape.

I suppose some really rough cloth like burlap or something might do. I guess I'm making an altar of sorts but I don't want it to be all fluttery and dreamcatcher sweet. the pillar candles go in electrical boxes and I found a tealight multi-candle holder made of heavy gage wire.

maybe some other sort of wire mesh. wonder what the internet has to offer.
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talk about your stinkypoo

my god why can't they make a lightly scented candle that doesn't smell like a cheap whore drenched in fake chanel? these two candles look really cool--like black and white marble--but oh god they stink! they were tolerable in the store but take the wrapping off and holy crap. I might have to put them outside for a couple of days.


I just remembered I have to go pick up an rx this afternoon. well it's afternoon now so I should go soon, put the box the table came in and the box it supplanted in the recycling, and escort these candles outside. I hope the black one doesn't fade in the sun. or melt. shit. will they melt in the sun?
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